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Developing self-esteem and self-worth is not easy.

You’re working really hard at checking all the boxes and seemingly doing everything “right” yet no matter how hard you try, you still don’t feel like it’s enough.

You look at other people that seemingly have it all together with a smile plastered on their face and think “why can’t that be me?”

Social media highlights all the flaws in you and reiterates the theme of “I’ll never be good enough.”  Self-esteem, sometimes called self-worth, self-value, or self-respect, is an essential aspect of your identity and daily life.

Unfortunately we live in a culture that creates this pressure and expectation that in order to be “good enough” we have to stay continuously active and work towards a perfect version of ourselves.

When we are unable to attain perfection and measure up to these unrealistic standards it breeds self-doubt, poor self-image, anxiety, depression and an emotional detachment in relationships.

When we are unable to attain perfection and measure up to these unrealistic standards it breeds self-doubt, poor self-image, anxiety, depression and an emotional detachment in relationships.

Learning to validate yourself with self-compassion can happen.

Gaining self-confidence is possible.

The value you place on yourself is often the value assigned to you by others and experiences you have had in the past. When you learn how to develop a compassionate and realistic view of yourself, it can have a positive impact on your relationships as well as to your individual wellbeing.

The way we are raised, childhood experiences, social media and society have all contributed to this belief to see ourselves as “not good enough” or “inadequate.”  

Through therapy we can start to untangle where these beliefs come from, challenge their validity and then start a new narrative of how to see and love ourselves in a more supportive manner.

This process of getting insight into our self-worth while also learning to let go of these harmful beliefs jumpstarts your healing journey.

Once you start to let go of these negative beliefs you start to open yourself up to the possibility that you don’t actually need to change, and you are enough just as you are today.

You can then gain more confidence in yourself which then helps you be your authentic self with others, deepening your connection in relationships and recognizing how to set healthy boundaries with people that don’t value your authentic self.

You will also see a shift in your personal identity which will then give you confidence to achieve your goals.

Change is possible and I can help.

Some of the situations that trigger people to seek out counseling for low self-esteem include:

  • Development of unsafe or unhealthy relationships
  • Frequent struggles with productivity at work or school
  • Difficulty handling criticism or non-positive feedback of any kind
  • Body image issues
  • Disordered eating
  • Suicidal thoughts or planning
  • Inability to or fear of engaging with others
  • Depression
  • Anxiety

During our work together for self-esteem, we’ll begin with an intake session. At this first session, we’ll discuss why you chose to seek therapy and your personal goals.

This initial appointment should also allow you to ask me any questions to ensure you’ll feel safe and comfortable working with me to achieve your goals.

After the initial session, the following visits we will discuss the events of the week, any negative behaviors or thoughts related to self-esteem, delve into your past as it comes up naturally, and any positive results or improvements.

We will work together to develop resources to help you improve your self-worth.

The goal of self-esteem counseling is to help you view and treat yourself with kindness, respect, and acceptance and learning to expect the same from others.

I have had training in cognitive behavioral therapy and practice client-centered therapy, which helps us work from the inside out.

We will work on challenging negative beliefs in order to alleviate painful feelings and enables you to take constructive action. Taking a new and objective view of oneself and the situation and practicing acceptance are the key to overcoming low self-esteem.

I am confident that I can help you gain inner strength and self-assurance to create a life based on your authentic self.

You deserve a life filled with self-love and self-confidence.

Find a time to reach out to me using this link. We will find a time to schedule a phone call when you’re available, to discuss this process further. We will spend roughly 20 minutes getting to know another to see if we are a good fit to work together.

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