Anxiety & Depression

Stressed. Overwhelmed. Drained. Exhausted. 

On the surface it may seem like you have it all together, but on the inside you’re suffering.

You’re doing all the right things, you’re checking all the boxes, but you feel stuck in your life. Stress, anxiety, sadness and a general feeling of being stuck follows you, no matter how hard you try to run from it. 

What most people don’t see is the inner dissatisfaction that has taken over your life. 

Stress, anxiety and sadness can be debilitating at times, though it doesn’t mean you have lost complete control over your happiness. These symptoms can impact every area of your functioning and every facet of your life. 

If you let your overwhelmed state of being go unacknowledged for a prolonged period of time, it can lead to chronic disturbances in your physical, emotional, cognitive and relational functioning.

These chronic issues if left unaddressed can have a negative impact on your sense of self, relationships, physical health and work performance.

 Your inner spark starts to dull and you’re no longer living a life of purpose. 

The positive change you want starts here.

One out of four Americans will experience a significant psychological issue this year- but only a small percentage will seek out professional help in the way you are doing. It takes courage and strength to ask for help and it would be my pleasure to facilitate the change you are seeking in your life. 

Therapy practices such as cognitive behavioral therapy, client-centered therapy and mindfulness, help you to untangle the areas of your life that keep you stuck, so you can ultimately let go of negative emotions, beliefs, thoughts and experiences. 

Therapy can help you learn how to gain the necessary skills and tools to conquer your stress, anxiety and depression in the present and in the future. It allows you the space to learn how to understand, make sense of and accept why we are functioning in this way and new practices to help get insight, peace and acceptance of who you are today.

The positive outcomes of online therapy are limitless.

You’ll gain self-confidence in your ability to properly manage your stress, anxiety and depression.

Through our work together, you’ll be able to better understand yourself, feel at peace with who you are, and have a sense of acceptance over the issues that have been following you around for some time. 

I have been practicing as a therapist for over 12 years and was a teacher for 5 years prior to jumping into counseling. I think of my role as a therapist as being a mirror to you, the client, reflecting back what it is I see, hear, feel and experience in therapy sessions.

My aim is to help make connections with you in a collaborative way, to facilitate the changes you want to make. I am here to work with you, supporting you as you experience a full range of emotions on your therapy journey.

There’s no better time to start feeling better than today.

Starting therapy can sometimes be scary, overwhelming and filled with uncertainty, but my experience has taught me that when we challenge ourselves to push through that vulnerability, we rarely regret taking that chance. 

My approach to therapy is warm, empathic, intuitive and creative, providing unconditional support throughout your journey.

It would be an honor to work with you. Feel free to reach out for a consultation today!

I work hard to instill a deep sense of safety, trust and confidence in our therapeutic relationship, to give you the space to work through your current challenges, to find acceptance, healing and meaning.  


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