Client Centered Therapy

What is client-centered therapy and how can it help?

Client-centered therapy is a non-directive type of talk therapy, it allows you the client to lead the conversation and does not attempt to steer you in any way. This approach is rooted in a few vital concepts: unconditional positive regard, genuineness, empathic understanding.

This means that it my intention not to judge you for any reason, providing a source of complete acceptance and support in a genuine manner.

Through using empathic understanding, it enables us to form a positive therapeutic relationship where I am able to act as a mirror to you, reflecting back your thoughts and feelings, leading you to have better understanding and insight into yourself.

Client-centered therapy focuses on the relationship between the client (you) and therapist (me) as being a vehicle for change.

Sometimes it can be hard to make meaningful changes in your life on your own. If you feel like you’ve tried everything in your power to feel better and nothing has worked than therapy can help.

Over time, that inability of being able to fix it on your own can lead to a lack of hope, lower self-esteem and exasperation over your current circumstances.

Therapy can help you get un-stuck and gain clarity.

What does client-centered therapy look like?

I work with you to create an emotionally safe and secure space to unpack what’s weighing you down, to make sense of what you’re going through and to gain clarity into what you want your life to look like.

  • To enhance your understanding of yourself.
  • Increase your sense of self, self-esteem and openness to experience.
  • Eliminate or reduce symptoms of sadness, anxiety, stress, worry, overwhelm.
  • Facilitate personal growth and development.

You are the expert on yourself and therefore are the only one that can set goals in therapy. Once you set some goals that are meaningful to you, I work with you to help you achieve them in an unstructured manner.

Some possible outcomes of our time together can be: healthier relationships, greater alignment between your ideal and actual self, increased understanding and self-awareness, less defensiveness and guilt, the ability to trust yourself and challenge yourself, improved ability to express yourself with others, self-acceptance.

It’s time to make a change.

I have been practicing as a therapist for over 12 years and was a teacher for 5 years prior to jumping into counseling. I think of my role as a therapist as being a mirror to you, the client, reflecting back what it is I see, hear, feel and experience in therapy sessions.

My aim is to help make connections with you in a collaborative way, to facilitate the changes you want to make. I am here to work with you, supporting you as you experience a full range of emotions on your therapy journey.

It would be an honor for me to take this journey with you on your path toward self-understanding and healing.

Finding a therapist during these times can be daunting, especially when you’re managing so much all at once, but I can help guide you on the path to inner peace and self-understanding.

Find a time for us to talk using the button below. We can schedule a call during a time that works for you and we will spend about 20 minutes understanding what’s happening and the best course for you.

Your next chapter towards self-discovery is waiting.

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