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Break-ups are hard.

They can be one of the most difficult losses and transitions to manage in your life. It may even feel like you’re starting life all over again.

Break-ups vary in their forms: a multi-year relationship ending unexpectedly, a legal divorce, someone ghosting you after a few months of dating or the crumbling of a marriage. Break-ups can be painful and leave you with a lot of questions about what went wrong, what you could have done differently (if anything) and leave you feeling purposeless.

What now? Where do I go from here and what will my life look like without this person? How and when do you learn to let go?

Break-ups can be stressful and it takes time to heal.

A study published in Social Psychological & Personality Science found that discussing a breakup thoroughly and considering the reasons why it might have happened is often beneficial.

Therapy and processing your emotions may help regain a sense of self, which may make it easier to move on. Giving yourself the time and space for self-care after a break-up is a necessity to start your healing process, and therapy is one way to do that.

A painful breakup can lead to personal growth.

Often after going through a break-up, you’ll experience a myriad of feelings such as sadness, anxiety, guilt, stress, anger, confusion and inadequacy. This inner turmoil can lead to more chronic mental health issues if left untreated.

When a breakup causes overwhelming feelings that are hard to navigate, interfere with the ability to function in your daily routine or impact the way you see yourself and your future, a therapist can be a helpful part of the healing process.

I am here to help you gain strength from your pain.

In therapy, we can discuss any emotions or challenges you have experienced and explore ways to cope with your current thoughts, feelings and behaviors.

I can help you fully express your pain while learning how to find stability in the emotional chaos you feel.

We work towards fully acknowledging and grieving your loss as best as you can. Towards the end of our time together I hope to give you closure and gain acceptance of this relationship’s ending.

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Starting therapy can sometimes be scary, but I have learned that when we challenge ourselves to push through that vulnerability, if often feels empowering and peaceful to get to the other side.

I am confident that I can help you work through your break-up to get to a place of inner peace, healing and acceptance. We will work on alleviating painful feelings, learning to let go, find acceptance and take constructive action.

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